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Honda Formula
This specialty was born in Argentina, in the way but possible professional, so much in its competitive aspect as in the promotional aspect.
Is a Category that has several comparisons in the world, from the old Blue Formula in France, the Ford Formula in England and the Toyota Formulas, etc.
The group of people that device and starts the category with enumerating it shows their advertising importance technician, and above all the things that make the formation of a pilot, for their later ascent in the intent of arriving to the maximum categories of the world motoring.
These words not only are an enunciated of intentions, several pilots that went by this category have participated in formula 1 International, Kart, and different categories in the world.
This is the case of Norberto Fontana, Esteban Tuero and Emiliano Sptaro, pilots who confirmed that they go out of this category with an excellent experience.
To know in every detail what the Honda Formula is in essence, it is important to take the opinion of the young pilots, who relate his experience with Karting, as if both were the necessary steps to generate a good pilot.