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Ariel Pellegrino is not only a racing driver, he is also an excellent sportsman, lover of the healthy life and responsible with its training, either inside in or outside the circuit.
Complementary Deport:
Surf, Athletics, Complement whit Weights, Martial Arts.
".I train hard, it is the only way to be always ready it, run or no. The truth is that I enjoy doing it, I don't  sit down it like an obligation. It is form of to live the life."

".My routine consists on running five kilometers at least three times per week. Four times per week I train in a low gym under the supervision of my personal Trainer Gaston Mussetti."
".My training goes accompanied by a balanced diet, designed by nutritionist, since periodically I watch my training. I don't also consummate alcohol, neither tobacco."
".I go surfing, it is my second passion. I have discovered that it speed up my reflections when driving a car."
".Of course I continue training permanently with my car, to accumulate hours in the hint makes my handling form more mature every time. I look for to feel that the car and I are an unit, as if I was the brain and the car, the rest of my body."
".I began to practice Martial Arts since I attended a class invited by a friend that is a professor. I converged for curiosity, but at the little time I realized the control that I had acquired on my mind and my body."
".I believe that my activities are not dissimilar among if, but rather it leaves of an everything. The road and the means to achieve an only objective, to make an excellent pilot. The road is hard, and difficulties for moments, but I know that I an prepared to achieve it."

Ariel Pellegrino